WireFree 12V DC Solar Pack Kit

The Solar Pack kit includes a reloadable battery tube, for use with 10 AA Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) rechargeable batteries, and offers the following benefits: Enhanced performance due to the new and improved long life rechargeable batteries. Included mounting hardware for Solar panel and battery tube allow optimal placement. Compatibility with all new and existing Somfy WireFreeâ„¢ motorized window coverings. The following kit options are available: Part # 9019235 Solar Pack kit (with 10 AA pack NiMH rechargeable batteries) Part # 9019034 Solar Pack kit only (without batteries) Part # 9018621 10 AA pack NiMH rechargeable batteries Part # 9015781 Plug-in rapid charger for NiMH batteries
WireFree 12V DC Solar Pack Kit
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  • Item #: 9019235
  • Manufacturer: Somfy
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