Somfy Sonesse 30 RTS 24V DC Motor

Somfy Sonesse 30 RTS 24V DC Motor is an easily programmable and super quite tubular shade motor. The motor operates using a 24V power supply or 2 somfy battery wands if wire free is required. The motors are controlled using a somfy RTS hand-held transmitter or RTS sun sensor that is programmed to the motor. It also features an intermidiate stop position as well as a tilting feature. This Motor allows you to adjust the speed in tilting and roller mode and integrates easily with automation systems to maximize energy effeciency through light harvesting. The Sonesse 30 RTS Motor operates at 28rpm, 17.7( 2(Nm) torque, and weighs 1.0 pound.

***** See PN 1241142 for Current Version *****
Somfy Sonesse 30 RTS 24V DC Motor
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