Somfy Pergola Tilt 24V 150mm Motor

Applications: Pergola End product nature: PER Power supply: DC - RGE 8 24V Speed: 2.8 rpm Approval: CE Insulation class: III Protection Index: IP 66 Technology compatibilities: Wired Range: PERGOLA Torque: 2500 Nm Product benefits: Comfort and Convenience Easily and reliably control the tilt orientation of Pergola slats so users can maximize the use of outdoor spaces. Compatible with other connected solutions so users gain a smart home experience. Add optional rain, temperature and wind sensors to automatically protect spaces against weather conditions. Mechanical or electronic end limits settings possible with the control unit. Radio Technology Somfy® Compatible Wired motor compatible with the Pergola 12V/24V RTS Receiver for a complete RTS system. Familiar RTS protocol to mix and match control options to maximize product performance. Exclusive Somfy "MY" feature saves a favorite/preferred product position. RTS is omni-directional, so no need to aim the remote at the product being controlled. NOTES Also available with a 300mm stroke length, reference 1240262 Force: 2500
Somfy Pergola Tilt 24V 150mm Motor
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