IGC II 3N1 (3 Motors) **Discontinued**

The IGC II/3N1 provides control of one or more motors (up to 3) in groups and/or individually from one or more locations. Best used for those jobs that call for controlling at least three motors individually or in groups.This advanced modular control system can be activated manually or automatically. The IGC II/3N1 is a very flexible control system that can be configured in a variety of ways (i.e., individual window control, floor control, total building control, etc.) to meet the requirements of your customers.The Individual-Group Control System is compatible with other Somfy Controls (i.e., RTS Receiver, IntelliS Timer, Decorator Somfy MaticTM, Decorator Comfort Control, etc.) and other security, computer and HVAC systems.The IGC II/3N1 controller is also compatible with X10 power line transmission technology. When the IGC II/3N1 is used with the X10 interface, it is possible (without additional wiring) to control motorized treatments as well as other X10-ready appliances.

**Discontinued** See Related Items PN 1811416 for current version
IGC II 3N1 (3 Motors) **Discontinued**
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