IGC 4N1 Motor Controller

The Individual Group Control (IGC) 4n1 Motor Controller provides individual and group control for up to four Somfy® Wired Technology (WT) motors with up to three intermediate positions per motor. Through the use of the DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypad (#1811402, required), users can access 3 preset positions as well as Up, Down and Stop. Keypads can also be used to set custom intermediate positions. Multiple IGC 4n1 Motor Controllers can be daisy-chained together for simplified synchronized control from a single keypad. The IGC 4n1 Motor Controller can not set upper and lower motor limits, but senses the current to identify them.


■ Control up to four WT motors individually or in groups.

■ Provides default intermediate positions of 25%, 50%, and 75% openness which can also be customized for each motor.

■ Individual control and Master control using DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypads.

■ Four Keypad ports and two Master ports.

■ CSA/UL certified.

■ Plenum rated.


■ DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypad (1811402), required

■ IGC RTS Receiver (1810481)

■ AC wired motors: 400 series, 500 series and 600 series.


■ Line Voltage Input: 115V AC +/- 10%; 50 – 60Hz

■ Low Voltage Output to Switches: 12V DC 185 mA maximum consumption

■ Output to Motor: 115V AC (5A per motor) ¼ HP

■ Fuses: 5x5A (1 for each motor, 1 for the board)

■ Dimensions: H 12” x W 10” x D 4”

■ Materials: Steel

■ Mounting: On wall

■ Shipping Weight: 10 Lbs.

IGC 4N1 Motor Controller
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