DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypad

Easily operate the IGC 4N1 Motor Controller in a familiar way with a DecoFlex Dry Contact Keypad.  The stationary keypad offers 3 intermediate positions, as well as open, close, and stop.


Features Summary

  • 3 intermediate positions (default to 25%, 50%, 75%) which can be customized via motor controller.
  • Connects to motor controller using standard Cat-5 cable.
  • Convenient stationary wall control.
  • Standard Decora size.
  • LED indicators show button presses and power.

Technical Specifications

  • Input: 15VDC at 10mA supplied by IGC 4N1 Motor Controller.
  • Item #: 1811402
  • Manufacturer: Somfy
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Price $50.29