8 Button DecoFlex Digital Keypad for SDN

Details A single keypad controls groups of SDN motors Directly control intelligent motors either by group, facade or an entire building Provides users a familiar Decora-style switch to adjust their environment Reduces the need for a centralized control system: Each keypad communicates directly with the range of Somfy intelligent motors (SDN RS485) Keypad offers the ability to have different levels of authority Keypad configurations can be exported and backed up Design Selection 6 button design: 1811749 8 button design: 1811750 Only available in White Custom Button Programming The Stand alone SDN switch offers the ability to program each button of the switch individually. Directly control intelligent motors by group, facade or an entire building. Each button can be programmed with different commands for Press, Release and Hold. Set intermediate position at current shade position via button press. Custom engrave buttons for ease of use and personalization. Dry Contact Integration Includes 8 dry contact inputs on the connection side of the switch. Dry contact inputs are separate from front buttons. All dry contact inputs are programmed to output SDN commands.
  • Item #: 1811750
  • Manufacturer: Somfy
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